For native speakers and learners with CEFR level C1 or higher. Recommended as a follow-up course to the basic phonetics course. This workshop is designed to deepen, consolidate and professionally apply voice and speech techniques. The goal: confidence, sovereignty and professionalism in speaking and presentation situations of all kinds. The motto: Practice makes perfect! Your knowledge of voice, speaking, phonetics and the effect on others will be consolidated, supplemented and trained with new exercises to make your impromptu speech, lecture, presentation, interview, moderation, job interview, etc. more professional. Look forward to an in-depth warm-up and voice training – for your powerful, present, multi-faceted and assertive voice. You can look forward to practical exercises with dramatic poems and monologues, humorous verses, tongue twisters, classics, modern, prose, poetry, news, weather reports, improvised everyday situations, small talk, telephoning, your favourite texts and passages from films, audio books, radio plays and stories. Feel free to bring texts that you would like to record! Enjoy the precise pronunciation, articulation and vocalisation in High German, the targeted use of expressive means, dynamics through rhythm and melody, the effect of tempo and volume variation and much more. Charisma, voice fit, sovereignty, success and persuasiveness are neither a coincidence nor a gift, nor are they exclusively a matter of talent: We train together to use exactly the linguistic and rhetorical skills that are required at the moment | in the respective situation. With audio recording – directly into your smartphones | mobile phones. And, if you wish, we can also create a professional audio reel, incl. conception and recording of various texts of different genres. Conception and recording of various texts of different genres, multi-faceted and varied, personal, authentic, professional. Just like you: LISTENABLE CLASS. A workshop with phonetics trainer and lecturer for voice, language and speaking Susanne Schwab. Prerequisite for non-native speakers is at least CEFR level C1.