For native speakers and learners from CEFR level C1. Voice, speaking, confident speaking in everyday life. In our entire communication three factors are decisive: 1. Who talks. 2. How he | she talks. 3. What he | she talks about. Out of those three factors the factor „How he | she talks“ is the most important one because credible argumentation depends heavily on voice leading. Surprised?! Especially the power of voice is totally underestimated by most people. With your voice you can advertise a thing or cause and win without having to say much. You can score, shine, convince – in every area, professional or private! Every single voice has different facets: objectivity, joy, fun, sovereignty, regional origin – there are a lot of informations that we transport through our voice and pronunciation. Depending on region or landscape our pronunciation can differ. For example through a dialect. The goal of talking is to reach your conversation partner. Therefore a pronunciation is needed that can be understood in every part of Germany: It is fine to still hear where you are from – but your conversation partner should also hear that you didnt stop there and kept improving your language skills. During those Saturdays you will learn voice – and speaking techniques for a firm and resonance strong voice, you will work on your speech dynamic and reach a better intelligibility through precise articulation, vocalisation and breathing technique. And „Der Kleine Hey“ , the standard work on pronunciation in High German, is always present! A workshop with the phonetics – trainer and voice – coach Susanne Schwab. Prerequisite for non-native speakers is at least CEFR level C1.