The power of the voice! Your voice has enormous potential and can be a powerful instrument. Used correctly, you can convince others and assert yourself. Sympathy and approval can be generated by the voice. Intonation and breathing alone can bring a listener over to your side. Anyone who calms and relaxes us with their voice is immediately likeable. The effect of our voice is more important than we think. Even simple tips and exercises help to improve your own effect. That’s what we train. We can improve the sound and assertiveness of our voice by speaking clearly. So let’s get our speaking tools in gear! Starting with the optimal phonation breathing for speaking, finding our natural speaking voice position and ending with fast speech phrases and tongue twisters, which – by the way – are also a lot of fun! And last but not least, the application of all this in everyday speaking situations, in conversations, conferences and meetings. Let’s package the contents of a speech or presentation in a convincing way of speaking: Pleasant in pitch, varied through melodic voice leading, lively through variations in tempo and volume, intelligible through clear pronunciation. Rerequisites for an optimal presentation. What do we need to fascinate our audience? The most important thing is authenticity! Then the technical tools such as body language, voice and articulation. As well as good preparation, certainty of content, a presentation style that suits the content, a form of presentation that suits your personality. We discuss the structure of a presentation, gestures, facial expressions, posture, your reaction to interjections and questions and draw up a checklist for you. And we train free speech – speaking on cue! After these two Saturdays you will know: 1. practice makes perfect! 2. speaking is silver AND gold!  A workshop with the certified actress, lecturer, coach, voice and speech trainer Susanne Schwab.