Advanced course phonetics –
Voice, speaking, professional application


Recommended as a follow-up course to the basic phonetics course. This workshop is designed to DEEPEN and PROFESSIONALLY APPLY vocal and speech techniques. An advanced workshop, i.e. previous participation in the basic phonetics course is advantageous. The aim: confidence and aplomb in speaking situations. The motto: Practice makes perfect. Your knowledge of voice, speaking, phonetics and the effect on others will be trained with new exercises to professionalize impromptu speeches, lectures, presentations, moderations and more. Look forward to a WARM – UP and VOICE TRAINING for your voice. Followed by PRACTICAL EXERCISES with poems, humor, tongue twisters, classics, modern, news, advertising, audio books, radio plays and stories. YOU ARE WELCOME TO BRING TEXTS that you would like to record. Enjoy the HIGH DEVELOPMENT, the targeted use of speech expressions, dynamics through rhythm and melody, the effect of tempo and volume variation and much more. Voice pitch and confidence are neither a matter of chance nor a matter of talent alone. We train together to use exactly the linguistic and rhetorical skills that are required for the text in question and in the specific speaking or presentation situation. With audio recording if desired, and in any case with constructive feedback. The LEARNING OBJECTIVES are: The implementation of what has been learned in various genres such as factual texts, weather reports, instructions for use, poems, poetry, prose, humor, advertising, etc. Confident handling of | in the preparation of texts. Successful presentations with a melodious voice and a pleasant approach. A workshop with the coach, speech coach and language trainer Susanne Schwab.