Basic course phonetics –
Voice, Speech, Confident speaking in daily life


All our communication depends on three factors: 1. WHO speaks. 2. HOW you speak. 3. WHAT you say. Of these three factors, the factor „HOW you speak“ is the most important, because credible argumentation depends very much on voice control. Surprised! The POWER OF THE VOICE in particular is often completely underestimated. You can use your voice to promote a cause without having to say much. You can BRILLIZE AND CONVINCE – in all areas, professionally or privately. Every voice has different facets: objectivity, joy, fun, sovereignty, regional origin. There is a lot of information that we convey through our voice and pronunciation. Depending on the region or landscape, our pronunciation can be characterized differently, i.e. by a dialect. Speaking is about ACHIEVING YOUR OTHER. That is why a pronunciation that is understood throughout Germany is appropriate: It’s okay to hear where you come from – but it’s also okay to hear that you haven’t stopped there. On this Saturday, you will learn voice and speaking techniques for a confident voice, work on your speaking dynamics and achieve BETTER UNDERSTANDABILITY through precise articulation, vocalization and breathing techniques. And „DER KLEINE HEY“, the standard work of High German pronunciation, is always included. The LEARNING OBJECTIVES are: To develop a feel for CORRECT pronunciation that is understood throughout the German-speaking world. To use precise articulation and vocalization. To know and use the power of the voice. Acquire the tools for a SOUVERE VOICE and put them into practice in your first texts. A workshop with phonetics trainer and voice coach Susanne Schwab.