Confident in front of the camera!
The moderation workshop for TV & social media


For convincing appearances in front of the web and video camera. You will learn the basics of moderation for a successful appearance in classic TV FORMATS such as magazines, entertainment, interviews, news and ONLINE FORMATS on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, internal channels, own websites, image videos, etc. The nuts and bolts: What is moderating in front of the camera all about? Quite simply, it’s about being authentic, which means being YOURSELF! Then you will be convincing and appeal to the audience. The key prerequisite for this is that you should enjoy being in front of the camera. You will learn everything you need and want to know in our workshop. From A – Z: Presenting and depresenting I Expression and emphasis | greetings | extemporizing on cue | television make-up and clothing | Free moderation with cues | basics | interviews | body language | news | practice recordings with your topics and texts | speech texts | presenting texts | handling the teleprompter | where to look and who to think of | target group-oriented choice of words and response. The LEARNING OBJECTIVES are: Learning the basics for SUCCESSFUL PERFORMANCE in front of the web and video camera. The application in MODERATIONS. Using useful tools to make the camera your best friend. From A – Z: Everything you need to know to achieve your goal = successful presentations. If you want – you can present! Be there and confident in front of the camera. Your workshop with coach, TV editor and presenter Susanne Schwab.