For all those who want to work on their voice and speaking style, for the curious and career changers. For anyone who has an interesting voice and wants to do more with it. And for anyone who has already spoken in front of an audience or in the media and wants to develop further. Do you have texts or contributions that you would like to record? In front of the camera or behind the microphone? Or an audio book that you would like to record yourself? Do you work in the media or want to become one? We train the SPEAKING PATTERNS | SPEAKING ATTITUDES that are suitable for the respective genre. For example, for news, weather reports, traffic news, documentaries, advertising, reports, announcements and announcements, airplane announcements, answering machines, instructions for use, tongue twisters, difficult factual and technical texts, audio guides, podcasts, prose, poetry, etc. – You are welcome to bring your own texts. We will equip you with the tools for OPTIMAL TEXT PRESENTATION. You will learn about speech breathing without breath sounds, your indifference, High German pronunciation, design elements such as tempo, rhythm, pauses, volume, pitch, emphasis, melody, text structure according to sensory units and much more. In order to increase your speaking effect, we make audio and camera recordings, which we evaluate and check: Where is there still „room for improvement“, where are you already unique? If required, we can produce an audio or showreel as your audible or visible business card for your new field of activity, your new professional foothold or as a supplement to what you already have to show. We answer questions such as: What are your personal favorites for coming across convincingly on radio or television? How can you train a confident voice and thus CONVINCING POWER? How do you secure your speaking in an individual medium speaking voice? How do you deal with stress, time pressure, slip-ups and blackouts? There are also recommendations for additional literature and tips for your further development. The LEARNING OBJECTIVES are: The use of appropriate response postures for the respective genre. The use of phonation breathing and precise pronunciation. Confident presentations in combination with your personal touch. Tailor-made for the medium. A workshop with radio and TV presenter, coach and director Susanne Schwab.