For authentic and convincing appearances in front of the web and video camera. You will learn the basics of moderation for a professional appearance in classic TV-formats such as magazines, journals, interviews, news, talk shows, entertainment and online formats on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, internal channels, own websites, image videos, etc. The nuts and bolts: What is moderating in front of the camera all about? It’s simple: it’s about being authentic = You! Then you are convincing and go down well with the audience. The decisive prerequisite for this: You should enjoy being in front of the camera! You’ll get everything you need and want to know in our workshop. From A – Z: Presenting and de-emphasising | Expression and emphasis | Basics | Greetings | Moving presentation | Extemporising on cue | Television Make-up and clothing | Free presentation with cues | Interviews | Camera presence | Body language in front of the camera | News presentation | Non-verbal and verbal aspects | Practice | Recordings with your topics and texts | Speaking – texting texts | Presenting texts in a genre-appropriate way | Tips against stage fright | Using the teleprompter | From close-up to long shot | Where to look and who to think of | Target group-orientated choice of words and approach | If you really want to, can moderate. So: Be there! Be confident in front of the camera! Your workshop with TV editor and presenter Susanne Schwab.